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Wednesday 17th January 2018
Planning to bet on Cheltenham races? Facts you should know


Considered one of the most prized racing meets of the United Kingdom, the Cheltenham Festival is widely perceived as the main event of the Jump season, at par with other major events like the British Open (Golf) and Snooker Masters. Held on a yearly basis, the race happens at the Cheltenham racecourse in Gloucestershire, UK.

The Cheltenham Festival brings together some of the biggest names in the British horseracing world. More than 250,000 spectators visit the Cheltenham races, making it one of the most looked forward to event in Britain each year. Let’s take you through some of the significant aspects of this important British festival and tell you about the different betting offers you can avail for it. You can get all the Cheltenham Festival information and enjoy live streaming on this popular portal, and significantly improve your winning chances through staying up to date with the latest info.

Promotions and betting offers

The Cheltenham Festival just like the Grand National gets plenty of betting action from punters world over. Hence, bookies don’t mind going out of the way in an effort to outdo the competition; thus you can avail the best promotions and betting offers for these races. Apart from the best odds guarantee, you can even take advantage of enhanced price offers and bet insurance deals.


Although a good number of newbie punters come out and place a bet or two on the Cheltenham races, it’s one of those events that also attracts a good number of experts. Therefore, online/off-line bookmakers make sure that the odds offered by them are at par with (sometimes even better than) the competition, in an effort to get maximum business. As in case of the Grand National, bookmakers don’t mind altering their profit margin, implying that you can find odds normally in the range of 82% to 90%.

Interesting trivia

Everyone knows that Cheltenham Festival’s appeal goes far and beyond the realm of betting and horseracing. It is actually a family-oriented social event that creates a carnival-like atmosphere, attracting a great multitude of people from different walks of life. As it also coincides with the Saint Patrick’s Day, you get to see a large Irish population, which contributes a great deal to the success of the festival.

Throwing some more light on the trivia surrounding the event, Cheltenham Festival’s economic footprint is around £ 100 million for the Gloucestershire city. Furthermore, the 2017 Festival featured a total prize money of £ 4,305,000. The 2015 edition saw 45,000 bread rolls, 120,000 wine bottles and 265,000 Guinness pints consumed over four days! A total of 6000 staff members attended to all that demand! Things actually went so out of hand in the year 2016 that organizers had to introduce four alcoholic drinks rule in 2017!

A bit about its history

During its earlier years, Cheltenham Festival didn’t happen at the Cheltenham racecourse. It was in fact conducted at different places including Market Harborough and Warwick Racecourse, eventually finding its permanent venue at the Prestbury Park, Cheltenham in the year 1911.

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